Aumark C


A heavy-duty tractor for high-end logistics market, is jointly developed by Foton, BFDA and Cummins based on 4-year efforts in Europe and 10 million km road test.

  • 11L and 12L displacements
  • Up to 490hp power output and 2,300N.m maximum torque output
  • Quick to start, dimb and overtake
  • Meet requirements in diversified working conditions


All- new platform built with European leading technologies and develop high-end and environment-friendly heavy-duty trucks via joint efforts with Daimler and Benz in accordance with German R&D standard; main building modules are shared by all heavy-duty trucks based on Benz SFTP to ensure truck quality.

The chassis with all-new platform and optimized structure widely adopts new materials and technologies to reduce the dead weight and save more fuel based on European safety criteria.

Contact infomation
Phone; +45 2613 1773
E-mail; mail@westafricanmobility.com